|EVENT STORY| All Pink: Sugao From Japan Is In Watsons Malaysia!

sugao malaysia

Last week I went to Botanica Deli to take a look at Rhoto-Mentholatum Malaysia's latest brand, Sugao which is now available at selected Watsons outlets. June, who graciously extended an invitation to me, told me that we would be required to dress up in pink that day. When I first saw the word "PINK" I was like, 'yeah, alright, that shouldn't be an issue, I should have something in the wardrobe.' As I happily slid open the door and scanned my wardrobe, I realised I don't own any pink shirt/dress that's suitable for the event! The only pink I have is a polo T-shirt which would be deemed totally inappropriate. 😭

|EVENT STORY| Shop Beauty Products From Japan With Luxella.com!

luxella.com review
Facing the camera is Luxella.com's founder, Kaylee Lim.

After I came back from Japan, the only thing I regret not doing is bringing back as many beauty products as possible because I just realised a lot of them are not available at all in Malaysia! But what can I do? I won't be going back to Japan any time soon unless I learn how to grow money on trees. Luckily I found out about Luxella.com, an e-commerce beauty store with a focus on Japanese skincare and cosmetics (they ship to US, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Norway)!

|REVIEW| Removing Shine 2 - Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review

Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review

I kept my promise! HAHA I barely could because the last few days has been so hectic I hardly had a chance to touch my laptop. But thank goodness, I managed to get this ready for you in time. So, as promised, I'm back with another powder review! Can't believe it's already a week since my last post. Time flies, doesn't it? Well, enough with the small talk, today I'm going straight into the review without introducing too much because I already did in my W.Lab No Sebum Powder Review. Feel free to take a quick look there and come back here in case you're feeling lost! :D